Perfect pet pictures – with Olympus

Perfect pet pictures

I’ve shot using Olympus cameras for over 7 years now, and capture all of my beauty and blog content with them, as well as commercial work. Olympus recently asked me to share my top tips for pet photography, and of course, Roxy and I were very happy to oblige. Take a look at the full blog here. You can also watch me put my tips to practice on an IGTV highlight over on the Olympus UK channel, here.

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Why your foundation looks shit… and how to fix it with science!

Cake Face Foundation

Why does my foundation look cakey? It’s the most Googled foundation phrase out there because so many of us are fundamentally fucking up our foundation. I’d like to start with a massive disclaimer: I’m by no means any kind of scientist and pretty much flunked chemistry at school, but I’m pretty good with makeup, and will YouTube the life out of a beauty problem until I find a solution, so here-in lies my own foundation-findings, from pure science (kind of) to totally tried and tested. If it worked for me, it might work for you, too!

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SS20 eyeshadow trends: go bold (and stay home!)

Beauty mag

As a beauty fan, I love to keep up to date with the latest trends coming off the catwalk – there’s always something creative on show just wild and ripe enough for inspiration picking, but what I’ll always say when it comes to high fashion is take it with a pinch of salt, and consider adapting the looks to suit your own style. Here’s the latest feature I did for Cambridge Edition magazine, which can also be read for free online, here.

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At home lash lift LVL & brow lamination

At home lash lift and brow lamination

Having been almost a couple of months since I last had eyelash extensions in, I got tempted to do my own at-home LVL lash lift treatment, and brow lamination, and with a whole bunch of time on my hands while furloughed from work, that’s exactly what I did. Read on for my experience and tips…

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Neal’s Yard: Project Frankincense

Neal's Yard Project Frankincense

Earlier this week I received a PR email about Frankincense from the lovely Adele at Neal’s Yard. I thought in February it was a little early to be promoting something to directly associated with Christmas, but reading on my interest was immediately piqued by the details in her letter. I had no idea how ‘endangered’ frankincense had become, or indeed even where it comes from…

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