Top 4 Murad skincare | hitting pan!

Top 4 Murad skincare | hitting pan!

As a beauty addict my bathroom cabinet is – as you can imagine – full of dozens of different products. I’ve more lotions and potions than any self respecting gal would ever need in a lifetime and so it’s rare that I buy twice. Jumping gregariously from one brand to the next means it takes a pretty special brew for me to ‘hit pan’ and finish a product, and even more for it to end up on my shopping list to repurchase. But there are four products from Murad doing just that…


Roughly three years ago I got introduced to Murad, and after trying my first product I was hooked. Founded way back in 1989, when I was just 3-years-old, Dr Howard Murad – a board-certified dermatologist – used his wealth of experience in helping people achieve younger and healthier looking skin. With an ethos including whole-body-wellness and freedom from stress, his approach goes beyond what you simply put on your skin – and I can really get on board with that. 


With a massive range designed for various skin types, ages and ailments, Murad take. 3-step approach suggesting to cleanse and tone, then treat and repair, followed finally by hydrating and protecting. What I’ve come to realise is the flexibility of mixing and matching products to find your perfect armoury, which is where my top four come in. I would described my skin type as combination, meaning for me that I get a dry forehead, oily nose with large pores and dry tip of nose (weird huh) and I also suffer with hormonal stress spots around my chin and mouth, and all these products have worked amazingly for me.



1. Daily Cleansing Foam – £19.50

From the Pore Refining range, this pretty pink liquid comes in a handy pump bottle which makes it easy to dispense just the right amount. I keep mine by the shower and use it to cleanse my face each morning. Containing pomegranate complex and witch hazel it helps tighten pores and control oil, while zinc and copper are added for cell repair. A really fantastic everyday product in place of soap or gel cleansers and I’ve happily just bought my third bottle! 


2. Renewing Cleansing Oil – £29

Possibly my favourite of the 4, and from the Resurgance range this sweet-scented cleansing oil is also a step 1, but rather than use in the morning I like to crack it out in the evening to get rid of every tiny last scrap of make-up. I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter foundation recently and anyone else who has used it will know how hard it is to get off, but this oil slicks it away in a mere moment. Smoothing and softening, I massage into damp skin before wiping away with a cloth and repeating. With oils, extracts, jojoba and liquorice, the lazy-girl in me loves how easily it cuts through make-up, meaning even if I’m tired and can’t be bothered taking the day off properly, it quickly, but also effectively does the job – and if I skip moisturiser, I can rest assured that the oils left on my skin keep it soft. 


3. Intensive-C Radiance Peel – £49.50

Though a slightly more painful purchase price, I cannot rave about this step 2 product enough and do feel it’s worth every penny. From the Environmental Shield range, I was introduced to the Intensive-C Radiance Peel at my first Murad facial and was so impressed that you could achieve such similar results at home with this little bottle. Now back to the price, don’t let it put you off. I’ve been on the same bottle about a year and use it sparingly at least twice a month. Harnessing glycolic acid, vitamin C and Indian fig the smooth product can be left on skin for ten minutes before rinsing and revealing a genuinely brighter complexion – hurrah! 


4. Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence – £59.50

Finally, and another step 2, I’ve just today finished my first bottle of Hydro-Dynamic Quencing Essence. A delightfully lightweight serum in super handy pump bottle, this miracle product provides immediate hydration and boosts skins radiance. Watermelon, Apple and lentil are used to help aid the skins natural moisture, while Mexican blue agave leaf helps to plump and soften. Soaking into the skin quickly and easily what I love about this product is how natural and refreshing it feels – and that unlike many similar products, it doesn’t roll and chaff off if you apply make-up over the top. 


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