Review | Freedom Makeup Pro Highlighters

Review | Freedom Makeup Pro Highlighters

First was contouring, then it was all about the highlight. Some trends come and go, but highlighting is a wonderfully easy way to brighten your skin, and flatter your face. As with many trends I became pretty addicted to finding the ‘perfect’ highlighter and was intrigued to see if any of the bargain offerings could be pigmented enough to shine all day…


I’m already a big fan of the Freedom Makeup range, available in Superdrug stores it offers an insanely cheap alternative to some luxury brands, including dupes of Anastastia Beverly Hills – one of my absolute favourite brands. The Pro Highlight range comes in four different shades: Ambient, a soft, warmly muted shade; Diffused, a cool pink; Brighten, a metallicy pink; and Glow, a radiant gold sheen. Dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, these are an absolute steal at just £3 each! 😱 The Hourglass versions will set you back a hefty £38, so it’s well worth trying a Freedom version – which, in my opinion are actually nicer as they don’t have the chunky glitter bits I’ve seen in the Hourglass option, making these a much more wearable day-to-day product. 


Apart from the Glow shade, which is clearly golden, the other three look pretty similar in their compacts at first glance, but you can see from the swatches that the Brighten is the most pigmented, offering a sassy sheen, great for those wanting to be a little bolder with their highlight, and then the more muted finishes make the difference between Ambient and Difused their warmth. The first being the warmest which is good for deeper skin tones, and the Diffused a cooler shade, suiting paler skin tones – I’ve applied this version below to my cheekbones, so you can see it’s beautifully subtle gleam – and I am very pale!

Freedom_makeup_pro_highlighters_swatches.pngI’ve been wearing these highlighters during the day at work, in favour of my ABH So Hollywood and Becca Pearl highlighters as I find them much more subtle – but they wear a good 8-hours too – plus, the consistency is beautifully soft and velvety – which I found quite surprising considering their price tag. Head to Superdrug online here and grab yourself a bargain! Freedom_makeup_pro_highlighters_swatches.png


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