Benefit They’re Real Duo Shadow Blenders | review

Benefit They’re Real Duo Shadow Blenders | review


Benefit recently launched a sassy new product promising to change the game of the smokey eye. They’re Real Duo Shadow Blenders are a multitasking eye shadow kit which aims to make smoulder, smokey eyes, faster – and easier, and in one simple, sweeping step. Read on to find out more…

Available in seven fairly neutral shades in – as you’d expect from Benefit – super-cute packaging, the shiny casing really appeals to the magpie in me, flipping open the case reveals two strips of shimmering eye shadow shades. Each cost £19.50 and can be picked up from Boots, here. I tried the version ‘Beyond Nude’ which was the most neutral of them all. Included in the casing is a dinky little sponge fob, the same material as a classic eye shadow applicator, but chubbier – kind of like a tiny eye shadow beauty blender, but with a handle!

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a pretty cool idea, you move the sponge across the shadow, where it’s easy to get equal parts, then simply sweep over your eyelids, flipping hands for your opposite eye of course. Which direction you go with the light and dark is up to you. Darker shade in the lash line will give that sexy pop to your lashes after a decent coat of mascara has been applied, or switch round and let the darker shade sit in your eye crease, for a classic look. The finish was subtle, but you can build on the depth with more layers as you wish.

I really love this packaging, and think it would take a pretty good beating chucked in your make-up bag to fight against the knocks and scrapes, meaning this product has it’s long-game on point, and speaking of long-game, the wear was really great. It promises to be crease-resistant for 12 hours, and it pretty much was bang on. I’ve only just started my love affair with eye shadow, and really enjoying applying with precision brushes, but I would definitely recommend this product to those who are total newbies, short on time, or a little afraid of eye shadow brushes – you really can be slap dash with this product, and it remains looking pretty great!

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